BiBi Club children tee’s blend interchangeable velcro fun with fashion

Anyone with a little girls knows how much they enjoy playing dress up. Now, they can do the same with their very own t-shirts! BiBi Club debuts a limited edition t-shirt collection for children through their Kickstarter campaign, complete with removable miniature dresses and carefree designs, so they can change up the style of a shirt in an instant. This is a total modernization of the classic fun of paper dolls.

that we all remember, know, and love. Professional designers wanted to give children something that would bring them joy, while at the same time helping them to develop a sense of style, creativity and independence. Through reliable technology from high quality materials, designer Tatyana Vlasenko and manager Jana Lopina created a series of t-shirts with interchangeable fashion pieces for the front that range from fashionable dresses to dolls. The company's Kickstarter campaign is currently running so that they can continue to design and manufacture their charming t-shirt collections for children everywhere. The campaign fundraising goal is $15,000 and will continue through May 4th. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the project can only be funded if they reach their donation goal.

Through BiBi Club's Kickstarter platform, customers will receive specific merchandise depending on the amount of money they pledge to the campaign. Imagine buying a t-shirt for your little girl and getting 3-6 stylish miniature dresses to vary the look! There are six pledge packages that range from $5 to $500 and all ship worldwide.

The rewards for them are based off of different levels of donations:

o $5 or more: Digital Coloring Book of the BiBi Club wardrobe

o $29 or more: Early Bird - One t-shirt & 3 dresses

o $39 or more: Basic - One t-shirt & 3 dresses

o $99 or more: One Collection - 3 t-shirts

o $150 or more: Both Fashion & Stargirl Collection - all 6 t-shirts

o $500 or more: Angel Pack - 25 t-shirts

All packages listed online include specifics about choosing the exact t-shirt and dresses, as well as add-ons.

The t-shirts are made of cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) with an interlining inside, and come in a variety of sizes for kids. The design prints are printed onto high quality cotton t-shirts with permanent ink on water base, and then through simple technology the special delicate Velcro is attached to the shirt, along with the Velcro fastened on top. The varieties of little handmade dresses are interchangeable between t-shirts! Through the BiBi Club Kickstarter campaign, there are two collections available for little girls to vary their look by changing the cute miniature dresses. Every collection consists of 3 t-shirts and 3-6 miniature dresses. So you can pledge for up to 6 different t-shirts and 12 different miniature dresses. From the Fashion Collection, the 3 t-shirt designs available are Fashion Sketch, Fashion Look and Fashion Magazine.

From the Stargirl Collection, the 3 t-shirt designs available are Stargirl Summer, Stargirl Tour, and Stargirl Bloom. Customers can also add an extra $10 to their donation for the exclusive add-on of the Magic play book wardrobe-book to keep the miniature dresses that come with your reward package.

To donate to the BiBi Club Kickstarter please visit

Energi of Canada Launches Property & Casualty Program for Energy Construction

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Energi of Canada today announced the launch of a new property & casualty program for Energy Construction. The new Energy Construction program offers unique risk management solutions and insurance coverage for contractors in the following segments:

Water/Sewer and Excavation Contractors Cable, TV, Telephone, and Power Line Contractors Water/Test Well and Geothermal Contractors Electrical Contractors Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Plumbing Contractors Gasoline Station Service Contractors Renewable Energy Contractors Oilfield Services Contractors (Refer to Exploration & Production for eligible classes) Energy Savings Contractors

We are very excited to begin offering this coverage program in Canada, said Lilli Chiu, Vice President of Loss Prevention & Safety of Energi of Canada Ltd. This program is designed to encourage best practices, mitigate risk, and help protect companies in the energy construction industry. It has helped our clients in the U.S.

tremendously, and we believe it will add great value to new and existing Construction Company clients in Canada.

As in the U.S., Energis program in Construction Jobs Canada will be offered only to companies who exhibit a commitment to loss prevention and who implement industry best Construction Management practices. The program will first be offered in Ontario, and will expand to other provinces in the coming months.

Energi of Canada is a subsidiary and the international program arm of Energi, a leading provider of specialized Building Contract insurance programs to more than 1,000 energy companies in the United States. This will be Energis third productive offering in Canada, joining the companies Fuel Distribution and Fuel Transportation insurance coverage. Energi of Canada also offers Alternative Energy Solutions (AES) programs that deliver protections for alternative energy and energy efficiency projects.

Our expansion into Canada has been warmly received, said Tony Passarelli, Energi of Canadas Vice President of Distribution. We hope to continue our international growth and eventually offer our full coverage line to clients throughout North America.

About Energi

Energi is a Peabody, Massachusetts based Industrial Reinsurance Company that specialize in providing risk management and insurance solutions to over 1,000 energy companies the United States and Canada. Energi is one of the top ten fastest growing companies in Massachusetts. Energi, along with its dedicated claims management company, has over 250 associates in the United States with 125 associates located in the corporate headquarters. Energi has been selected by the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal and Business Insurance as one of the Top Places to Work in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Energi has regional branch and support offices that are located in the following: Carlsbad, CA, Westport, CT, Carneys Point, NJ, Orlando, FL, Downers Grove, IL, Irving, TX, Kirkland, Washington, Washington DC, and Toronto, Canada.


Deep Exec Envisions Faster, Practical Road to Alternative Energy Independence at TEDxSomerville 2015

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deep Information Sciences, the company that reimagined MySQL for the New Economy, today announced that Chad Jones, its Chief Strategy Officer, will be a featured speaker at TEDxSomerville 2015: Reinvent, taking place September 27 at Tufts University in Medford, MA.

In his session How the Fast Food Drive-Thru Leads Us to Energy Independence, Jones will explain how the drive-thru window inspires a fresh new look at how to tackle the alternative energy elephant one bite at a time, creating a realistic path to energy independence.

"Alternative energy production is improving, but not nearly quick enough to impact our environment and our economy. However, by combining new technologies such as micro wind, active aerodynamic reshaping, wireless electricity transference and machine learning databases, we can create a viable strategy for reducing fuel consumption, spending and CO2, now, said Jones. Like many people around the world, Ive been incredibly inspired by TED Talks, and have applied many of the speakers amazing ideas in my professional and personal lives. Im incredibly humbled and excited to be able to share my vision for alternative energy as part of the TEDx family.

About TEDxSomerville: Reinvent

TEDxSomerville is an independent TEDx event devoted to spreading ideas that are valuable at a local grassroots level. This years event, the third TEDxSomerville, brings together some of the areas most fascinating and engaging members to share their passions and discuss their visions for transforming the old into something that can change our world.

TEDxSomerville take pace September 27, 12pm 4:30pm at Tufts University Aidekman Arts Center, Medford, MA.

About Chad Jones

Chad Jones is a socially conscious entrepreneur and venture investor who currently serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Deep Information Sciences. His unique vision takes big ideas from inception through execution resulting in highly profitable outcomes including six exits to companies such as Microsoft, VMware and Intel. As an investor, Jones fund, Plesso Ventures, has invested in companies that create better outcomes for the planet. He continues to travel the world discussing a vision for a better world through the non-intuitive use of technology.

About Deep Information Sciences

Deep Information Sciences reimagined MySQL to meet the demands of the New Economy, and built the worlds first adaptive database using MySQL. DeepSQL leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to create data environments that perpetually adapt to ever-changing application conditions, exponentially accelerating performance, speed and scale. By making existing databases instantly application-responsive, Deep helps take the pressure off data personnel and shifts the focus from infrastructure to innovation, where developers can bring compelling applications to market quickly and businesses can pursue new opportunities at significant cost savings. Deep is headquartered in Bostons Innovation District. Learn more at, or follow the company on Twitter @DeepInfoSci, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook. Download for free today at


How to avoid allergy attacks inside the home

These days, its not hard to find high-quality filters as you can find the best air and furnace filters online just by doing a quick search on the internet. For example, provides over 600 different filter sizes and brands.

But how do these filters work? To put it simply, they work by removing solid particulates from the air, such as dust, mold, bacteria, and pollen. This helps in greatly improving the quality of indoor air that you breathe in at home.

There isnt any one fix-all solution to keep Cleaning Services your home Housekeeping clean and dust-free. By doing regular dusting and cleaning, ensuring good ventilation, and keeping indoor air clean and filtered, you can keep outdoor allergens and irritants out and Cleaning Nj prevent them from from causing you or your family member from suffering from allergy attacks.


Mary McCluskey M.A., WCMT

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Massage Therapy Expert

Mary McCluskey Quick Facts

Main Areas: Massage Therapy, Instruction, Business Set-Up, Keeping the Therapist Healthy

Career Focus: Massage Therapy School Owner

Affiliation: American Massage Therapy Association

Mary A. To have a good overview of the quality of education you can gain at Find education of minister 2015 of our school.McCluskey is a massage therapist with a thriving practice for many years who also has colleges with teaching degrees than 20 years successful teaching experience with both children learning of english language adults.  Mary currently holds National and Wisconsin Certification in Massage Therapy, a Bachelor's degree in Education, a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Wisconsin state teaching license.  Mary specializes in relaxation massage, craniosacral therapy, and therapeutic massage.

Mary McCluskey, with her extensive education background, has created a school where caring instructors work with students to learn a solid foundation of strong skills.  This will benefit the new therapist, the client, and the profession.

Favorite Quotes & Thoughts from Mary McCluskey

Massage Therapy is a wonderful profession to enter.  You get to help people to improve their lives by learning to relax and by analyzing their lifestyle patterns which are contributing to their pain.  Massage Therapists are often the catalysts in people's lives.  We get to inspire our clients to live healthier and happier lives.  What a joy and a privelege!

Getting Started With Mary McCluskey

Learn about us at our programs for teaching in Singapore:  The Message from the Director under News changes regularly with tips for healthier living and snapshots of things happening at the school.

Contacting Mary McCluskey



business office:  262-250-1276

Office Address:

Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

N112 W16760 Mequon Road

Germantown, WI  53022


Your business. Your life.  

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